Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Post From Amber

We live in a culture that is terrified of talking about sex, although they will flash sex on every billboard and prime time television ad in the country.

Sex is such a vital aspect of the human experience. It is a way to express love, to show adoration. Sex is a worship of life, and also the method through which we can allow our genetic code to flourish. Mixing and mingling, creating the genetic code of a living-thinking-breathing human being.

Through the power of science (Woot! Science!) we can also control our reproduction. We can fuck like bunnies, make love in the rain, or push the boundaries of each others bodies, without worrying about accidental children.

We don't hear about good reasons to have sex, or bad reasons to have sex.

Hell... we don't even always know what pleases another person. All we see are 12 inch cocks and giant perky breasts. Skimpy lace and screaming porn stars don't stand for real sex between real people.

How can we fix these misconceptions? We talk. We talk to everyone we know about safe sex. How to protect yourself from diseases and babies. When you would have sex, and when you wouldn't. We talk about the benefits of casual sex, and the benefits of monogamy.

We tell our friends where to get tested. We hand out condoms on campus. We don't hide our sexuality, or try to criticize honest portrayals of sex.

Thus... from this desire to talk and communicate about the most fundamental desire of our species, to save our bodies from the fundamentalists, and to learn more about ourselves... was born Beautiful Flower and Penis.

Amber is an interviewee and very important contributor to the BFAP team.

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