Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Episode Four - Sexual Relationships

Due to YouTube's restrictions, and my unwillingness to just move all the videos to Revver, here's another two part episode.

A few of the members of the BFAP team had a long discussion about what this video should be about. The original topic of Casual Sex vs. Monogamy was so broad that after coming up with a few questions, we knew it had to be reworked.

We never completely agreed on everything, but we were able to compromise on just discussing specific sexual relationships, including casual sex and monogamy. The relationships we chose were one night stand with a stranger, one night stand with a friend, friends with benefits, group sex, polyamory and monogamy. Obviously, these are not all the potential sexual relationships, but I think it turned out to be a good cross section.


Part One

Part Two


colin said...

keep up the good work kids! this is much enjoyed.

i suggest adding dan savage's column/podcast to your list of links, as it is always entertaining AND informative!


Sampo said...

I appreciate what you're doing here, especially because the current Zeitgeist is so extremely hostile about talk regarding certain issues.

LA said...

Once again, BFAP proves its awesomeness to the world!

Oh, and I still think that JTs talk NEVER WORKS! SUCKA!


LA said...

I would also like to add that babies are an STD. :)

Bruno said...

I love what I've been able to see of this show, but most of it's no longer available. Any chance of finding another host?

lhg said...

"Saying I just want to fuck"

As a freewheeling fucker, my boyfriend used the phrase, "Do you want to be my fuck-buddy?" It's direct and can be really funny. We use the same phrase as a joke between us, kind of a "shut-up and fuck me."

It is only in the mind of culture that you don't say, "I just want sex." Each individual can change that for themselves if they so choose.

Ariana said...

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