Saturday, May 10, 2008

Episode Three - Fantasies

The questions go by pretty fast, so here they are:
Define fantasy.
What do you think are the most common fantasies?
Are there fantasies that you feel are unacceptable?
What do you fantasize about?
Do you have specific fantasies that you would like to act out?
Have you ever told a partner about a fantasy?
Have you acted out a fantasy with a partner?
Have you had a partner tell you about a fantasy?
Have you acted out a partner's fantasy with them?
Do you think fantasies are more or less difficult to talk about than other aspects of sex?


Anonymous said...

Juicy stuff! I like it.

Jewsbian said...

fantasy train...haha!

ps it always makes me smile when people say girl-on-girl action is their fantasy...because its my reality! yay!

Kero said...

Best episode yet. =P