Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Episode Two - Oral Sex on Females

The much anticipated episode two. After YouTube rejected it for being over 10 minutes (they still host 10 minute videos from times past but they don't allow new uploads of 10+ videos) I split it into two parts.



Crescen said...


"you just wanna go in there and kinda wiggle it around. bitches love that."

Oddity said...

...Now if Fruit Roll-Ups switched from making candy to dental dams, we'd be in business.

Someone get on this. I sense a breakthrough.


Kero said...

The only dental dam I've ever used smelled amazing - JUST like a fruit roll-up. Too bad they taste like ass. =( I'll stick with the vagina flavor, thanks.

msumusiced said...

Again commenting as a gay man, this was quite interesting and insightful on a topic in which I never plan to have first-hand experience. Interesting indeed...I think I will stick with the penis.

LArtsy said...

I love this show with every fiber of my being! YAY!

P.s.-I'm not a gymnast

Jewsbian said...

Can I just say: Your jaw can handle anything you want. Oral sex on females should take as long as you want, meaning waaaaaay more than 3 or 4 minutes. That may just be because that's one of the best things we lesbians have for sex, but I certainly want to be down there for more than 3 or 4 minutes. Good times. Oh, good times.

Last Hussar said...

Going down on a woman is one of the best ways a man can score extra points! The fact that I love the smell and taste is a bonus. The only down side is too many women are too embarrassed.

Guys, if you don't do this you should- bringing a woman to orgasm with your tongue is amazing.